Migrating from v3 to v4#

Some things have changed from Exploration Tool v3. Here are some things that may affect you when you transition to Exploration Tool v4.

(See also Changelog, section v4.0.0)


  • The preferred way to install Exploration Tool is now via Python’s package manager; pip. Install is done with python -m pip install --upgrade acconeer-exptool[app], which downloads and installs the Exploration Tool App including all its Python dependencies.

  • The Exploration Tool App is no longer run with python gui/main.py. The command has been replaced with python -m acconeer.exptool.app, which can be run from anywhere.

  • Standalone processing examples (earlier found under examples/processing) have been moved. Runnable with e.g. python -m acconeer.exptool.a111.algo.<service or detector> --uart

  • Many modules have been moved to acconeer.exptool.a111.

  • The Calibration management section have been added to the App. This is the new way to handle recorded background data. Please revisit Collecting background data for more information.

API changes#

There have been some small API-changes for users that have extended Exploration Tool by modifying or have added to the source code.

  • The SocketClient-, SPIClient- and UARTClient-classes are unified in a single Client-class. These are the before and after:

    import acconeer.exptool as et
    # Before (v3)
    socket_client = et.SocketClient("192.168.XXX.YYY")
    spi_client = et.SPIClient()
    uart_client = et.UARTClient("COMX")
    # After (v4)
    socket_client = et.a111.Client(host="192.168.XXX.YYY")
    spi_client = et.a111.Client(link="spi")
    uart_client = et.a111.Client(serial_port="COMX", protocol="module")
    # Support for Exploration server over UART was added aswell:
    exploration_uart_client = et.a111.Client(serial_port="COMX", protocol="exploration")

    For more details, please see API reference - A111

  • A lot of code have been moved into the acconeer-exptool -package, including what before was example processing (earlier found under examples/processing). The old files have been moved to acconeer.exptool.a111.algo and separated into multiple files. Here is the separation of sparse for example:

    ├── __init__.py
    ├── __main__.py    # main function of the Algorithm module
    ├── _meta.py       # Defines the ModuleInfo, imported by the App
    ├── _processor.py  # Defines data processing
    └── ui.py          # Defines plotting

    (Please see Adding your own algorithm module for more details)

  • The way Algorithm modules are registered to the App have changed slightly, see Adding your own algorithm module.