Setting up your XC120 + XE121#



To flash and connect to SDK/RSS v0.8.0, Exploration Tool v5.9.0 or newer is required.

Start by downloading the latest acc_exploration_server_a121.bin from our developer page.

Flash XC120 using the Exploration Tool Application:

python -m

or by using the following command:

python -m acconeer.exptool.flash flash -d XC120 -i acc_exploration_server_a121.bin

Windows USB drivers (deprecated)#


Manual driver installation is no longer needed from SDK/RSS v0.8.0, but requires Exploration Tool v5.9.0 or newer.

For enhanced stability and performance on Windows, we strongly recommend using the WinUSB driver to communicate with the XC120. In order to do so, follow the steps below.

Download Zadig from their website. We recommend version 2.7 or newer.

With the XC120 plugged in, run the Zadig application.

Under Options, select List All Devices:


Find the XC120 Exploration Server in the dropdown. Make sure WinUSB is selected as the driver to replace with. Now it should look like this:


Click Replace Driver. The process could take a minute. Once it’s done, it should look like this:


All done! Now you can close Zadig and run the XC120 with the WinUSB driver. In the app, select the XC120 like this: