Example Scripts

Example Scripts#

Some great examples to get started with the Python API are:

If you followed Source Installation in Exploration Tool Installation, you can view, edit, and run the examples under the examples/ folder. If you followed Python Package (PyPi) you can download each example directly from examples/ on GitHub or each examples’ page here.

Some examples are meant to be edited directly and does not support command line arguments, but most examples do. The majority of the examples can be run against our modules via a common set of command line arguments:


If an example supports command line arguments, you can see them by running:

python <some_example.py> --help

A121 Examples’ Command Line Arguments#

The examples in the examples/a121/ folder support the common command line arguments:

python <some_example.py> --serial-port COMX
python <some_example.py> --ip-address <ip-address of, for example, a Raspberry Pi>
python <some_example.py> --usb-device

Complete list of example scripts