Small Movement Tracking

Small Movement Tracking#

In various advanced applications, the ability to detect and track very small movements, ranging from a few millimeters to even sub-millimeter precision, is crucial. Such precise movement tracking is essential in fields where subtle changes need to be monitored and analyzed accurately. Here are a few use cases where tracking very small movements is particularly valuable:

  • Health and Wellness Monitoring: Detecting changes in breathing patterns or heartbeats can provide valuable insights into an individual’s health status, aiding in the early detection of medical conditions.

  • Industrial Automation: Monitoring the fine movements of machinery components helps in predictive maintenance and ensures the smooth operation of high-precision manufacturing processes.

  • Security Systems: Detecting small vibrations or movements can enhance security systems by identifying unauthorized access or tampering attempts with high sensitivity.

  • Research and Development: In scientific research, tracking tiny movements is essential for experiments that require precise measurement and control, such as in material testing or biological studies.

Acconeer Offering#

Acconeer’s sensors are designed to deliver the high precision needed for these applications, using state-of-the-art PCR technology to detect even the smallest movements reliably. To address these use cases we have created several Reference and Example Applications that could be used as a reference on how to utilize the PCR technology:

  • Breathing Reference Application: This Reference Application shows how the breathing rate of a stationary person can be estimated using the A121 sensor.

  • Vibration Example Application: This Example Application illustrates how the A121 sensor can be used to estimate the frequency content of a vibrating object, measured at a distance.

  • Phase Tracking Example Application: This Example Application shows how a single object can be tracked using only the phase information of the A121 data.