Tank Level Measurement

Tank Level Measurement#

Tank level measurements are essential for monitoring and managing the amount of liquid within storage tanks. Accurate level measurements ensure efficient inventory control, prevent overflows, and optimize the usage of storage capacity. These measurements are crucial in various industries for example:

  • Oil and Gas Industry: In refineries and storage facilities, precise tank level measurements are vital for inventory management, leak detection, and preventing overfills that could lead to environmental hazards.

  • Water Treatment Plants: Monitoring the levels of water and chemicals in tanks helps ensure that the treatment processes are running smoothly and efficiently, maintaining water quality and regulatory compliance.

  • Food and Beverage Industry: Accurate measurement of liquid ingredients and finished products in storage tanks is crucial for maintaining product quality, consistency, and efficient production scheduling.

Acconeer Offering#

Acconeer’s state-of-the-art PCR technology can be utilized to make power efficient and accurate tank level measurements. To showcase this we have created a Reference Application specifically designed for tank level measurement:

For tanks that are filled with less reflective materials such as grains, have a look at our Waste Level Example Application instead:

  • Waste Level Example Application: This Example Application uses the A121 radar sensor to measure the fill level in a waste bin. It is designed to handle less reflective material.