Vibration Measurement

Vibration Measurement#

Vibration measurements are essential for monitoring and analyzing the movement of objects and structures, providing critical insights into their condition and performance. Utilizing Acconeer’s radar sensors, these measurements can detect even very small vibrations, from a few millimeters to even sub-millimeter precision, which can be crucial for early fault detection, maintenance, and ensuring the longevity of equipment and structures. Here are a few areas where these measurements can be of importance:

  • Predictive Maintenance in Industrial Machinery: In manufacturing and processing plants, measuring small vibrations in machinery can help identify early signs of wear and tear or imbalance in rotating equipment. By detecting these issues before they lead to significant failures, predictive maintenance can be scheduled, minimizing downtime and reducing repair costs.

  • Structural Health Monitoring: For critical infrastructure such as bridges, buildings, and dams, monitoring sub-millimeter vibrations can provide early warnings of structural weaknesses or damage. This information is vital for ensuring safety, planning maintenance, and extending the lifespan of the structures.

Acconeer Offering#

Acconeer’s sensors are engineered to provide the high precision required for vibration measurement applications, using state-of-the-art PCR technology to reliably detect even the smallest vibrations. To illustrate this we have created an Example Application to showcase the ability of our Pulsed Coherent Radars:

  • Vibration Example Application: This Example Application illustrates how the A121 sensor can be used to estimate the frequency content of a vibrating object, measured at a distance.