Integrating A121#

There are several parts that need to be considered when integrating the A121 sensor.

Physical Integration#


The A121 sensor contains the mmWave front-end, digital control logic, digitization of received signal and memory, all in one package. To integrate it in your application it is required to have a reference frequency or XTAL (24 MHz), 1.8 V supply, and a host processor, as illustrated in Figure 32.


Figure 32 Illustration of integration into host platform, the A121 is marked with the Acconeer logo.#

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In addition to the electrical integration, the electromagnetic environment is also important for optimized integration.

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Lenses can be used to shape the radiation pattern to fit your use case.

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SW Integration#

The A121 sensor needs to be connected to a host MCU. In order to communicate with the sensor from the host MCU, the Acconeer RSS library is needed. SDK packages, including the Acconeer RSS library, can be downloaded here.

Instructions on how to integrate the Acconeer RSS library can be found in the A121 SW Integration User Guide.