How to configure#


Start by asking yourself the following questions related to your application:

  • What range do we need to cover, from \(r_\text{near}\) to \(r_\text{far}\)?

  • Do we need to distinguish multiple objects? If so, how close could they be?

  • Do we need to measure distance to objects? If so, what trueness is needed?

  • If objects move, how fast could they go?

  • Do we need to measure motions of objects? If so, at what speeds?

  • With what rate do we need to obtain a result?

  • What are our requirements on overall power consumption?

  • What is the farthest distance from the sensor that an object may appear which could result in range ambiguities?

Other parameters#

  • Leave receiver gain at the default value and reduce if saturation occurs.

  • Leave enable TX set (default).