Getting started#


We are very happy that you have decided to have a closer look at what Acconeer’s pulsed coherent radar technology can offer. We are working hard to give you the right tools to “Explore the Next Sense”, whether it is for remote monitoring of vital signs, smart city IoT, robot navigation or any other imaginable sensing application where precision, size, and power consumption are key parameters. This document serves as an introduction to Acconeer’s sensor technology and product offer. The Acconeer radar system is described based on established radar theory to give you the right knowledge to integrate and configure the sensor in your product.

When starting to use the Acconeer sensor there are different alternatives for both hardware and software setup and we are adding more as we get to know your needs. Check out our website to see our current offer of sensors, modules, and evaluation kits. A typical development flow to get started is to setup one of our evaluation kits and:

  • Use the Exploration Tool to get data from sensor into Python to start application development for your use case

  • Use our Reference applications to get guidance on use case specific software solutions

  • Use Acconeer SDK or Acconeer Module Software to start software development

To further support and guide you through the development process we also provide several user guides, data sheets, reference schematics, and reference layouts, which you can find at Also check out our demo videos and application page to get inspiration on how you can solve different use cases and how the Acconeer sensor can be used in your application.


Figure 1 Selected use cases.#