Setting up and running Exploration Tool#

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Exploration Tool Installation#

Depending on what you wish to accomplish with Exploration Tool or the Python API, you can install in different ways:

If you have a Windows PC and you’re only interested in running Exploration Tool to see visualizations, experiment with configurations or use the Resource Calculator, the Portable Windows package is a great choice.

Get started with the following steps:

  1. Download the zip

  2. Extract the .zip file in a suitable place

  3. Double-click the update script

  4. Double-click the run_app script to start the Exploration Tool Application

Additional Setup#

If you encounter any connection issues while following along Running Exploration Tool you might be missing drivers that allow proper function of Acconeer’s modules.

See Setting up your EVK for your specific module for more information.

Running Exploration Tool#

Depending on which path you took in Exploration Tool Installation, Exploration Tool is started by either

  • Double-clicking the run_app script,

  • Running the command python -m in your terminal.

After that, have a look at the functional overview below for an introduction of Exploration Tool:

Running Example Scripts#

See Example Scripts section on how to get started with Example Scripts and the Python API.