Touchless Button

Touchless Button#

Touchless buttons are innovative devices that allow users to activate functions or controls without the need for physical contact. Utilizing the technology of Acconeer’s radar sensors, touchless buttons can detect proximity to trigger an action. This touch-free interaction reduces the risk of germ transmission and enhances hygiene, making them particularly valuable in various environments and industries:

  • Healthcare Facilities: In hospitals and clinics, touchless buttons can be used to open doors, operate elevators, or control lighting, thereby minimizing the spread of infections and ensuring a sterile environment.

  • Public Transport and Restrooms: Touchless buttons can be installed to open doors, activate faucets and soap dispensers, promoting hygiene and reducing the need for physical contact in high-traffic areas.

  • Industrial Settings: In manufacturing plants and clean rooms, touchless buttons can help maintain cleanliness standards and improve safety by allowing workers to operate machinery or access controls without contaminating surfaces.

Acconeer Offering#

Acconeer’s power-efficient radar sensors provide robust performance combined with fast response time. Our compact sensors can be seamlessly integrated into touchless buttons offering precise and reliable performance. To showcase how Acconeer’s radar sensors can enhance your touchless solutions we have developed one Reference Application and one Example Application to address the most common touchless use cases: